Top Questions

What is long distance Reiki?

In Quantum reality there is no space or time. This is a beautiful gift of awareness, for this means that the client does not need to be in the same space as Margo to receive healing. With the use of a proxy, Universal Energy can travel to the client no matter where in time and space they are! Utilizing the sacred symbols of Reiki, healing energy can be felt and received to assist in many ailments, emotional blocks, and addictions.

What should I expect from my first session?

Clients should expect to feel balanced and reconnected to the body, mind, spirit and soul and walk out feeling more rejuvenated. There is no need to bring anything to your session, aside from water, if preferred.

What is yoga?

What is Yoga? 
Yoga is a Sacred dance of physical movement, breath-work and meditation. Where we can heal ourselves by slowing the mind and opening our heart to all the wonder of what it is to be human. Through yoga we work out areas where we hold fear, control resentment and align in our unconditional acceptance of who we truly are. EveryBODY is different. On the mat, the invitation is to go within. To keep the focus on the 3rd eye. And allow Your Body to open and expres its own unique story.  Soft gentle internal listing is the key to acceptance of who we are, where we are going and where we have been.

What to expect during a dog session?

Each Private session is offered in your home. We recommend that all "pack leaders" are present. During the session we will go over the recommended equipment and food motivators. Typically the session runs 1 hour, if more time is needed price will be adjusted. Our goal is to have the dog team healing and well adjusted to the training in 3 sessions. Dog classes are recommended to continue working on the connection to your dog.