Margo B. Langlotz, Reiki Master, Certified Massage Therapist, Certified Yoga Teacher,  Sycamore House offers you a unique opportunity.

As an Integrated Energy client  you will have the opportunity to heal yourself in your Physical body,  and your Emotional body. Using the Power of Reiki, (Universal Energy),(CHI) paired with massage. Each session is uniquely attuned to your specific needs.

As a Yoga teacher, Master Reiki Channeler, and Integrated massage therapist, Margo has over 20 years of experience balancing the Body, Mind and Spirit and Soul.

If dogs are your interest, Margo has a lifetime of experience working with animals. Growing up training both dogs and horses, she has the ability to read animals' energy as a Dog Whisperer. She has trained many dogs to compete in the competitive obedience ring. Now determined to help every client achieve the relationship that every dog owner dreams of.