Peaks Above Clouds


Not sure if my healing services will fit your needs? Take a look at what some of my past clients have said about their experiences with me and explore the many ways I have helped them.


For going on fifteen years I became a client of Margo because of severe lower back problems— I could hardly get in or out of a car without extreme pain. It slowly improved because I was only allowing myself a massage every 3-4 weeks! Not enough! Then I started to go more often. When excruciating sciatica presented itself I had appointments every few weeks with exercises I did at home. Margo guided me so well!! Frequently, I have a stiff neck and the massage appointments clear up that malady if I also do my own exercises under direction from Margo! From heavier migraines 15 years ago to many fewer in recent years , I credit my regular massages for my very good circulation, less inflammation and all over excellent health. Rarely do I have a cold or any ailment. I credit the understanding, massage skills,  good information and sweet personality of Margo for much of my health —- turning 78 soon!!!
Thank you Margo!!

S. M.


Honest and Reliable

My aging body is riddled with tension and old injuries that were becoming more distracting for me to tolerate. And so I have come to recognized that massages are essential to my over-all health and well-be

ing. Margo consults with me before each session to note what areas need special attention. My mind tends to race through the millions of Things to Do’s but during my sessions with Margo I try to surrender for 1 ½ hours to maximize the benefits - the benefit of relaxation and healing. The immediate benefits are the release of pain, tension and over-all relaxation. The long-lasting benefit is the sense of well-being and ease of movement. I find the experience so remarkable that I have shared and treated my family to the benefits of healing massages.  Thank you Margo!